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Every year patent trolls file thousands of frivolous lawsuits, mostly against young startups. These lawsuits can lead to millions of dollars in litigation costs, and cause some startups to go under before they have a chance to grow and create good jobs.

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We support Rep. Goodlatte's reintroduction of the Innovation Act, a bipartisan bill targeted at fixing the out-of-control patent troll problem - but this bill has a long way to go before it is signed by the president.

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Learn more by reading Engine's white paper. And read the letter from 140 VCs who agree.

The Rise of the Patent Troll

Why It Matters

The Basics

2,791 new troll suits in 2014

$1 trillion lost wealth

Trolling suits accounted for 61% of patent suits in 2014

1. Startups are responsible for all net job growth over the last thirty years and the rise of the patent troll model is threatening that continued growth.

2. Engine research tells us that for every new high-tech job, 4.3 other jobs are created in a local economy

3. The majority of companies targeted by patent trolls have less than $10 million in revenue. When small businesses face dubious multimillion dollar lawsuits, our innovation economy suffers.

4. Non-practicing entities - or patent trolls - filed 2,791 new suits in 2014, up 500% from 2005. And those types of lawsuits are expensive, costing defendants $1 trillion in lost wealth from 1990-2010 alone.

5. Lawsuits by patent trolls accounted for nearly two-thirds of all new patent suits filed last year, and over half of all new patent defendants. This is a perversion of the justice system.

6. We are facing an epidemic and American businesses are paying the price. We need leadership and action - now.

We need legislation that will:

  • Increase transparency of patent ownership and infringement allegations
  • Reasonably limit unnecessary, expensive discovery
  • Require bad actors to pay the prevailing party’s attorney fees
  • Protect end users by holding the technology manufacturer accountable.
  • Read Engine's white paper on what true patent reform legislation entails and why it is essential

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